About Ki|Kory

Ki|Kory is the brand representing Kirill Korytov, a state licensed massage
therapist based in Gainesville, FL.  After graduating from the Florida School of
Massage in 2015, he has an annual average of one thousand hands-on hours,
working with clients from all over the world.

Kirill’s work specializes in chronic pain and acute injuries. His clients range from professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the students and faculty and staff at the University of Florida and the UFHealth Shands Hospital.

Massage Therapy Education

2015 | 670 hours | Massage and Hydrotherapy Program
2016 | 016 hours | Hot Stone
2016 | 004 hours | Massage for the 21st Century
2017 | 004 hours | Gil Headly: ‘What’s the Fuzz?’ Seminar
2017 | 002 hours | Medical Errors Prevention
2018 | 592 hours | Teacher Training Program

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Kirill’s an excellent massage therapist. Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous, Kirill worked hard to customize my massage so that it gave me maximum benefit. We talked about which areas I needed the most work on, and he focused on those muscles. I had some major muscle spasms in my neck and back, and Kirill’s massage has been pivotal in my recovery. He also taught me some stretches to help me continue to work on those muscles. Kirill will be the first person I call next time I need a massage!

     – Maurice Gordon

The best massage I’ve ever experienced. Kirill really knows how to target painful or sore areas, and “feel” the muscles to relieve the pain. Thank you for an incredible massage Kirill.

– Victor Bard

Kirill was very professional and gave me a great overall massage! So nice to have an in-home session, too. I was definitely transported!

– Laura Gordon

Excellent steady deep pressure with thorough intuitive techniques. Highly skilled!

– Via Villalabos